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The Listphile Magazine was started for the main purpose of serving as a platform for players and businessmen that want to enter the world of online casinos. We want to make things easier and simpler for you to find the best online casino startups on the internet.

This is also a place for readers to learn from each other. As such, we provide an open community for online casino players to discuss anything they want to discuss, from tips and tricks to their own online casino startup suggestions.

We not only help players, of course. We are also in a mission to help those that want to learn how to start their own online casino. We help with the pioneering early stage of their startups and help them scale as well.

Listphile was made for two purposes: (1) to create a community for online casino players to learn from each other; and (2) to serve as a platform where people who want to have an online casino startup to learn before they start doing what they plan to do.