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Public Wi-Fi can be an easy way for cybercriminals to get access to your data. When you’re using public Wi-Fi, the network is not secure and the information you transmit to the public Wi-Fi can be intercepted.

Not only does this put your customer’s security at risk, but it also gives potential attackers a chance to steal your company’s data and assets. If you really need to access the internet on the go, better have your personal pocket Wi-Fi ready or at least, use your mobile data to do so.

Implement Two Factor Authentication

One of the most important ways to protect your business from hackers is by implementing two factor authentication. You should have a password, but also have something else that only you have on hand to log in.

Make it Difficult for Hackers

This can be your fingerprint, a code sent to your phone, or a pin number that changes periodically. All of these methods will work together and make it harder for someone who doesn’t know you personally to get into your account.