Why Us?

Why Choose Listphile Magazine?

Listphile Magazine’s main purpose is to serve as a platform for businessmen and players alike who want to take a shot at online casinos. We make it easier for you to do that, but how exactly do we do that?

We Have a Simple Design and Interface

Tired of dealing with the clutter while searching for the information you want regarding online casino startups? Not only can you find what you need here, but there is also no clutter due to our simple and sophisticated design.

We Conduct Thorough Research

For every online casino we recommend, the Listphile team conducts very thorough research. We’re dedicated to giving you a recommendation based on solid data and analysis. Our tips on online casino startups are also created through our years of experience in the industry.

We Provide Up-to-Date Information

We only provide up-to-date information to our readers. If we posted a review, we’ll update it once our research yields different results from previous ones. We also update our tips on online casino startups depending on how the market changes.

We Make it Easy for You to Search

If you want to learn about a certain aspect of online casino startups, you can easily search them using our platform. We also make it easier for players to search for the best online casino sites through filters and advanced search.

We Allow for Users to Give Ratings (Only for Reviews)

We only give opinions and highlight what specifically we like about online casino sites. We might have our own rating, but we allow our users to give their ratings according to their own preferences.

We Let You Save Your Data

We don’t want our users to lose track of their favorite online casino sites or their progress in learning about online casino startups. For that reason, we let our users save their data but only after they sign up for Listphile.

If there’s any information that wasn’t covered on this page, you can contact our customer support system and send your message.