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The questions and concerns about the future of technology are varied. What will happen to our physical possessions in a world that is all-digital? How will we communicate if we don’t have any phones or laptops? Who will be responsible for providing us with Wi-Fi?

Tip of the Iceberg

These are just some of the questions and concerns you might have about the future of tech.

There are many more that come up when thinking about what life might be like without physical items, such as clothes and books, being available. For example, how would we buy clothing or other products if they’re all digital?

The Pros outweighs the Cons

But there are also a lot of positives to this new perspective on technology and how it affects us. Digitalizing everything can make our lives easier by eliminating waste, leading to less pollution, and even saving space. Without physical objects around, it can be easier to find items you want because they’ll all be stored digitally!